Smart buildings save energy

Smart buildings allows for many opportunities to capture energy savings in our industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Some are as basic as installing programmable thermostats or automated lighting systems to improve the way we operate the HVAC and lighting systems.  Other options include actual modifications to the building itself or installing new or upgraded equipment. The demand response opportunity Electric grids provide power to a town or city.  The cost

Touchless control times two

 The INS series combines motion sensors and proximity switches in a single product. With the INS series, InnoSenT GmbH offers a compact radar solution for the building automation and security market. What makes the series of products so special: the radar experts bring together two practical control functions in a single system. Thanks to its combination of motion sensors and proximity switches, the series boasts greater comfort and more use

New GROHE Sense App: Water management on the go

● Full transparency of water usage and energy costs thanks to new GROHE Sense App ● Offers water security anywhere, at any time With the new, intuitive GROHE Sense App, GROHE is taking water security and water management to a new level. The new app is at the heart of the GROHE Sense water management system and lets users monitor and control the system from anywhere, and at any time,

Acoustic alchemy: Beosound Stage is Bang & Olufsen’s first soundbar

Bang & Olufsen today announced Beosound Stage – the first soundbar that brings the rich and powerful Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound to any TV1. Underlining Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to design and sound innovation, Beosound Stage is crafted with the ambition of creating a superbly deep and powerful soundbar, for everyone who wants an immersive cinematic experience from one single speaker. “We created Beosound Stage as a powerful soundbar that doesn’t

Construction professionals flood in to become role models to inspire others into sector

Nominations for the annual UK Construction Week (UKCW) Role Models initiative have quadrupled since last year, according to event organisers Media 10. Dozens of construction professionals were among the entrants this Spring, attracted to a scheme which provides a schools contact programme and public platform to professionals of any age and background to share inspiring stories of how they came into their career and why they love what they do.

Moscow, Berlin and Paris now leaders in Smart Home Availability

Moscow’s Information Technologies Department has carried out a study of smart home monthly tariffs charged by operators in various countries. The tariffs are lowest in Moscow and Berlin, and highest in Dubai. The tariffs cover the installation of equipment (devices, sensors etc.), as well as rental and servicing costs for a minimum period of three years. The minimum tariff charged by Moscow operators for smart home solutions is €7.6 per


DFLEKT Limited join Secured by Design with their innovative home keybox to tackle wireless key vehicle theft

DFLEKT Limited is one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative, with their DFLEKT home keybox having achieved Police Preferred Specification. The DFLEKT company mission is to eliminate the Relay Hack, the method by which thieves boost wireless key signals and steal cars from drives without having to enter a house. This type of theft can often take as little as

nevo butler

Universal Electronics introduces smarter living kits powered by Nevo Butler

Universal Electronics Inc (UEI) has announced that it will be introducing pre-integrated channel specific kits curated to address consumer demand and unique experiences. Launched at this year’s CES, the kits are powered by Nevo Butler, a white label, managed and secure smart home hub with a digital assistant built in. Configured with different sensors developed by the teams at Ecolink and RCS, these kits will offer the quickest route to market

legrand MyHOME_Up

Legrand unveils next-generation home automation system and dedicated app

Legrand has unveiled MyHOME_Up – the latest generation of its home automation system – which now benefits from app connectivity; making it even easier for housebuilders to integrate smart home technology into new-build developments. MyHOME_Up simplifies home automation for developers. Using Legrand’s connected devices programme, Eliot, MyHOME_Up integrates all essential services for a modern home – such as lighting, temperature control, shading, audio and door entry – into one system.

doorbird Knobloch

DoorBird collaborates with Knobloch

Bird Home Automation Group, the Berlin-based manufacturer of IP video door intercoms, is now collaborating with Max Knobloch Nachf GmbH, Germany’s oldest mailbox manufacturer. Customised mailbox systems from Knobloch now contain the same IP technology that is used in all DoorBird video door intercoms. Thanks to IP technology, individual solutions such as communication columns, freestanding and fence-mounted mailbox systems can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. When the mailbox’s