Honeywell launches smart lighting system

Honeywell introduces new advanced lighting solution to hotel operators and facility managers in UAE and Saudi Arabia Honeywell, an international technology leader, has announced the launch of a new smart lighting solution for the hospitality sector. Lighting is becoming a vital part of facilities management and connected building systems. It not only benefits cost efficiency but it is also more efficient to use in terms of saving power, brightness levels,

The Senstar LM100 vital to any perimeter

Senstar Company finds this method of security is one of its favourite models for security at Tier-1 transmission sub-stations Senstar has been helping a major US electrical utility company protect its sites for many years, starting with the FlexZone ranging fence-mounted intrusion detection system and now the Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system. Since 2013, FlexZone has been installed at 18 of the company’s Tier-1 transmission