4evac impact

Voice alarm (VA) and public address (PA) systems manufacturer, 4EVAC, showcased its new IMPACT system at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), at the RAI in Amsterdam in early February 2019.

Previewed at last year’s ISE, IMPACT has already made an impression as the latest addition to 4EVAC’s range of modular systems, namely the COMPACT 500 and LoopDrive. IMPACT features 4EVAC’s signatory modular control and monitoring products that deliver secure communications to wide areas.

A key feature is the redundancy, which enables evacuation instructions and general announcements to be broadcast even if the carrier network becomes damaged or faulty.

The IMPACT concept takes existing 4EVAC products, including the DCA-2.500 amplifier and 4EVAC Manager programming application and integrates them with a new CONTROLLER to create a powerful yet compact system. IMPACT is able to distribute messages over multiple loudspeaker lines to more zones using fewer amplifiers.

The DCA-2.500 amplifier itself sits in a 2U, 19-inch rack. Albert Van Der Hout, 4EVAC’s Division Manager, described it as “an old school” type of amp, with a transformer isolated for 100V and 50V outputs. It can also be bridged into a total output of 1,000W. The DCA-2.500 is a Class-D unit and conforms to the EN54-16 and EN54-4 standard.

“Other features include an internal, scalable battery charger for the 24VDC backup, which supports the dual voltage mains supply,” said Van Der Hout. “An innovative feature of the IMPACT system is that the DCA-2.500 not only powers the system, it is able to charge and monitor the battery pack for up to three 1,000W amps. This ensures reliability, while cutting the amount of hardware that needs to be installed, at the same time lowering installation and operating costs.”


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