Convenience of cloud access control to the outdoors

Cloud access control is establishing as a primary component to business efficiency. ProdataKey discusses its versatility as a solution

Cloud access control is important for business efficiency in the smart world as you can manage access to your facility from anywhere, at anytime and on any device, saving hours of time and increasing productivity. Managing access control should not be an area of concern, however with cyber security and data breaches becoming the norm, the right solution is a necessity to strive in business, no matter the scale of your building.

ProdataKey (PDK), a provider of cloud-based networked access control products and services, announces the introduction of “pedestal io”, a versatile, door and gate controller designed for use in all-weather outdoor applications. Ideal for securing parking lots, gated communities, storage facilities and other exposed outdoor locations, the pedestal io is compatible with any ProdataKey cloud-based, network or wireless access control system. Its IP65 rating certifies it for use not only in direct rain, sleet and snow, but also in dusty or dirty environments, such as construction zones. The unit can be mounted quickly and easily to goosenecks or walls and comes ready for plug-and-play installation. An optional ruggedized touchpad reader supplements the unit’s ability work with proximity cards and fobs.

Inside the pedestal io’s visually appealing, stainless-steel housing, the unit’s pdk io controller provides two reader inputs to support applications that require credential presentation for both read-in and read-out. The second reader input can also be assigned to trigger automated events.’s powerful software intelligently monitors the controller and provides instant alerts on screen or via text or email if any issues arise. Like all pdk controllers that operate as part of the company’s cloud platform, the pedestal io continues to provide security and respond to authorized credentials in cases of internet outage. It is powered by a 12-24V AC/DC input and 12VDC 1.5A battery-backed output.

Jeff Perri, President of ProdataKey, says, “PDK’s cloud access control solution has been gaining traction in a wide range of verticals, including gated communities, corporate campuses, sporting venues, and warehouse and storage facilities, just to name a few. All of these typically include spots that could benefit from an outdoor controller, like pedestal io. We’re pleased to not only bring such a solution to market, but to back it with the same plug-and-play convenience, flexible connectivity options, ease of use and robust management tools that our customers rely on.”

The company’s pdk io cloud platform allows for complete system management and control through any web connected device, anywhere, anytime. With thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors for a quickly expanding base of loyal customers throughout North American and beyond, PDK delivers an unparalleled user experience as well as the highest levels of security, safety and data privacy.


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